Walk and talk therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy is different from traditional therapy. For some clients it feels easier and more natural to discuss problems in a more relaxed way whilst walking. This can help people to feel more grounded, and to take advantage of being in the open air, appreciating nature and wildlife that we sometimes forget to notice. Issues can be discussed and new ideas might come to mind whilst engaging in activity. The benefits of walking are well documented and researched, and exercise generally is thought to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Clients who have previously found that they experience a sense of calm and clarity whilst walking or engaging in exercise, and who do not regularly have the opportunity to be outside might particularly benefit from this kind of therapy.

Referrals and initial assessment

The first (assessment) session always takes place inside in a more traditional setting, and at this point decisions can be made about whether Walk and Talk therapy might be helpful and when and where this might take place. Questions can be asked and any particular concerns discussed. Walk and Talk therapy involves the same kinds of ideas and research and theory led techniques used in more traditional practice. Walks start from the practice location, since although it is usually possible to walk in all weathers it is also possible for clients to decide to have an indoor session if they wish to.


Clients can set the pace and length of the walk. Charges for Walk and Talk therapy depend on the length of the walk, but are based on usual session rates.